Lupen Crook – Foxy Crew Session

20 June 2013 | Lupen Crook | Videos | No Comments yet »

I caught up with The Foxy Crew last month for an afternoon and subsequent evening of this, that and lots of the musical other. Always a pleasure, many thanks to them … here’s acoustic performances of three tracks captured that day.

  1. P.O.V
  2. If  You Love Me Come The Morning
  3. Crumb Trails


Lupen Crook


Lupen Crook – “An Interview with The Foxy Crew”

5 February 2013 | Lupen Crook | Videos | No Comments yet »

I met had the pleasure of meeting with two Russian artists earlier this year, who came along to my Kentish Town Exhibition and then came round mine for tea and a chat … here’s the interview below … and many thanks to them for taking the time to seek me out and put this together.

Otherness – A Film By Dave Wise

20 January 2013 | Lupen Crook | Videos | 5 Comments so far »

Dave Wise is someone I’ve had the pleasure of working with many times over the last few years. As well as directing the music video ‘World’s End’, co-directing ‘Devil’s Son’, he has also invited me to contribute to a number of his documentaries, such as his moving film about the last days of Theatre Royal in Chatham.

I had heard from Dave that he planned to embark on a 6 week live-in on Darnet Island during the summer of 2012 – a section of abandoned land in the Medway River – living off little more than the bare essentials, during which he would document his time there.

With Dave’s permission I’ve posted the documentary (see above). Entitled ‘Otherness; forty five days on the Isle Of Beauty’, it’s something I really recommend you find a moment to sit down and watch.

Though not actively involved in the project, ‘Where The Crow Flies’ from my album Waiting For The Post-Man was kindly chosen by Dave to feature in his film.

Find out more about this intriguing and inspiring individual HERE.


Treason In Victoria Gardens

27 November 2012 | Lupen Crook | Videos | 1 Comment so far »

In 2004, whilst walking with my Lady Haze in Victoria Gardens, I got drawn toward a strange black n white bird, and this Magpie and its meet with me impressed so much upon my mind it gave way to an array of curious obsessions and creative strangeness, including the name Lupen Crook.

So, albeit a minute or so extract from a gig last year, I figured it worth sharing. I hope you enjoy!

LIVE footage of Friday …

5 November 2012 | Lupen Crook | Videos | No Comments yet »

Photographer Sara Norling took some video footage Friday Night … here’s one of the videos below, some more can be found on YOUTUBE if you type in Lupen Crook / Non League Extreme. Many thanks to her and all of you who came out, with special thanks to those who travelled from afar to make the show.


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Otherness – A Film By Dave Wise
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Otherness – A Film By Dave Wise
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